The SMC Story

ISO 9000 Certified

Cooling Towers & Boilers

SMC's comprehensive treatment programs are necessary for the efficient operation of boilers and cooling towers as the coming decade will manifest an increased awareness of both water and energy as valuable and scarce resources.

Chemical treatment is the most effective and most economical means to preserve and maintain cooling towers and their efficiency.
SMC's  chemical treatment programs are an investment in capital equipment and efficient operations.

SMC Technologies, Inc.'s
chemists and technical representatives conduct thorough analyses of cooling tower water to determine types and amounts of impurities present. This is the basis for the custom blending of the cooling tower products so necessary to retard precipitation of solids, prevent corrosion and foaming, control microbiological growth, and suspend airborne contaminants.
Reduced capacity and increased energy consumption are two of the many problems associated with the inadequate treatment of cooling tower water
In boilers, dissolved gasses attack metal surfaces resulting in pitting and metal failure and the formation of boiler deposits.
SMC's chemical treatment enhances the preservation of capital equipment.

Dissolved hardness and other minerals, if not treated, will eventually form hard insulating deposits on boiler surfaces causing poor heat transfer, tube overheating and possible failure, and fuel inefficiency. In an age of increasing energy costs, the chemical treatment programs of
SMC Technologies, Inc. are essential to fuel efficiency.

Waste Water Treatment

Environmental Protection Agency discharge limits on heavy metals mandate waste water treatment. SMC's treatment programs for effluent will insure compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations and are compatible with your existing systems.

Oil Field Production Chemicals

Solving problems and serving the oil industry through a complete line of specialty treatments.

  • Demulsifiers
  • Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors
  • Paraffin Treatments
  • Frac and Well stimulation chemicals
  • Degreasers and Rig Wash
  • Biocides for Drilling Mud

  • SMC's new technologies include solvent replacement chemicals and neutral rust removal.